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Hello, my name is Conn: I have 10+ years experience in the Videogame Industry, mostly as a Tech Artist. 

I see myself as a Game Developer first and foremost. I'm here to make awesome AAA Games with enthusiastic people! I fell into being a Tech Artist because that's how I can help the most teammates possible.


I prefer coding in C++ for developing front-end systems, gameplay, and extending engine features and visuals. I'm all about working as close to the editor and engine as possible!

I love evangelizing for Procedural Generation through Houdini or In-Editor solutions. Embedding data into the vertices for shaders is awesome.


My favorite tasks are Interactive Visuals (dynamic water, deformable surfaces, etc) because it helps bring the world to life through tiny viseral toy-like experiences for players to say 'wow'. Also it let's me work with the entire cornucopia of teammates: Design, VFX, Programming etc.

I love studying and developing for vintage videogame hardware. Sega Genesis Rocks, and so does Assembly and Emulation!

My goal is to be a problem-solver. My videogame career is a dream come true. I'm so grateful for everyone who believes in me. Thank You

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