My full name is Conrad Pascal Buranicz.  I like telling people that my middle name comes from the programming language, but its actually from the Saint.  My parents are both immagrants from Poland, and thats where my last name comes from.

On the other hand, my Great Grandfather was named Conrad. In preschool, my brother Patrick and I had a nextdoor neighbor named Robbie.  Our neighbor called us Pat and Con.  The three of us were Pat, Con, and Rob.  In middle school I started going by Con. However, to avoid all the puns (Conman, Con Artist etc)  I added an extra N to my name circa seventh grade.  My brother started writing his name as Patt. So we were now Patt and Conn through high school and college!

For my professional career, most people call me Conrad. Thats what it says on my nametag, and I never try too hard to make Conn stick. So, professionally I guess I go by Conrad, but my friends call me Conn!



Here, I'd like to tell my story of what I was doing as kid that led up to becoming a professional game developer. Its fun to reflect (and also cringe) on my path from grade school through college. It went from pretend games to Game Maker, then XNA and beyond!

Since I was four years old, I wanted to be a "Videogame Maker".  To be honest, especially for these early years, I don't have much evidence. Some of these stories may be apocryphal.  Events that have replayed in my head year after year (potentially mixing with other memories).  I recall the first pretend video game as "Battle."